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BlackBerry Storm (9530) Error: SIM Card Rejected

This error pops up when you lose CDMA (1XEV) connectivity in the US and the phone attempts to connect to a GSM network (you can duplicate if you force your Storm to GSM network technology) and you have a Global SIM card installed (and most of us do). The kicker is that the message "SIM Card Rejected" doesn't go away until your hard reboot - even after you've reconnected to the CDMA network.

So, if you're not using your Global SIM (if you are, call VZW and ask for Global Support - they can activate your SIM), you can just force CDMA only on the phone, do a battery pull, and you'll never see this again. I assume some future firmware update will handle this error better by making it go away once you're back on CDMA, but for now - this is what I had to do:

  1. Select Options from the menu:
  2. Select Mobile Network Options:
  3. Change the Network Technology from Global to 1XEV:

  4. Pull the battery out, put it back in, and once it reboots - the error will be gone and won't reappear.
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  1. Good work appreciate it.

  2. I achieved the same result by forcing CDMA as above, then just powering down the handheld and then turning back on. No battery pull required.

  3. Thank you SO much. and thank you mike for the added info. i was hesitant to pull the battery and glad i didnt have to.

  4. Any insights into syncing the Storm with Mac’s Leopard 10.5 (using the new Mac Book Pro) and Entourage? Pocket Mac purports to have a new link to be be able to do it, but it didn’t work for me.

  5. Awesome! Great fix! Was driving me crazy!



  6. Honestly, I returned my Storm. I can’t stand it. 😉 The storm is insanely buggy and slow right now, which I assume future firmware upgrades would deal with – but I need to be productive now… not whenever they decide to finish developing this thing. Went back to my trusty t-mob Dash, WM 6.1

  7. Just got the error message this morning, rebooting now. thanks and Merry christmas!

  8. Thanks for the help. This was happening to me every day and I couldn’t receive e-mails after the message appeared. Seems to be fixed now as I’ve gone 2 days without a problem. Great Job!

  9. Thank you for a nice, clean, straightforward answer to a vexing problem.

  10. thanks a million…great info!!

  11. Another THANKS! I know it wasn’t causing any functional problems, but was making my OCD crazy!

  12. Thanks for the help! It happened yesterday and I couldn’t figure it out. I just switched over the network and rebooted and it took care of it…no need to take out the battery (for now anyway).

  13. Thank you. saved me much time.

  14. I went to verizaon and they pulled the battery out and looked at the sim card and booted it back up and of course it was off and said evrything was good. and it came on yet again. I didn’t have any issues using my phone so I said whatever. Today I googled it and found this site and went ahead and fixed it….Thanks alot

  15. Mucho thanks! Found that message annoying. Am also a bit OCD like a previous commenter.

  16. Thanks for this valuable input – saved me about 1 1/2 h of holding for Verizon, then their tech support, then waiting to be transferred to RIM yet AGAIN. I’m about to return this thing, as I already had battery issues with one. This is my second one and now I’m getting this error, on top of USB cable problems (not being able to synch, erased EVERYTHING). Maybe returning this altogether would be the best option, b/c I’m not ready for the next awful thing to happen. Anyone else having serious issues, or is the phone working for you?

  17. THANKS! I needed that too.

  18. Thanks a bunch – worked like a charm! Much appreciated.

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