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Installing ASTrace.exe in a 64-bit environment

ASTrace.exe is part of the SQL Server Analysis Services Community Samples on CodePlex. This utility works just fine in a 32-bit environment, however some of the assemblies needed to interact with Analysis Services do not have 64-bit counterparts - thus, you have to use WOW64 to get the service to work properly on a x64 machine.

ASTrace can be downloaded here:

32-bit Installation Instructions can be found here:


And to get it to work on x64, you need to do two things differently:

  • Target x86 processors when you build the application - this way, your 64-bit OS will use WOW64 when the service runs (Project > ASTrace Properties... > Build Tab).

  • Create the following registry key and string value pointing to where you copied the ASTrace files:
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  1. Can any body send me screen shots of how to install ASTrace utility , I tried but there is no astrace.exe file in downloaded folder.

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