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Script sp_configure Output To Migrate Settings Between SQL Servers

Sometimes when setting up a new server, all you want is for it to work and be configured exactly like the old server. In some cases, the new server is almost identical in every way already. If you've worked much with SQL Server, you know very well that there are a billion switches and knobs and every time you do this, you forget at least one. I had a similar situation recently and figured I'd be lazy about it and just turned the output of sp_configure in to a script I could execute on the new server:



I think most people setup the drives on their Development servers to match their Production servers - this is so that restores go smoothly and files go where they're supposed to, things match up nicely, etc. Unfortunately, when you create a full backup all the backup file contains is the logical name of all the files - no physical paths. This means that if the database doesn't exist on the destination server yet, the engine has absolutely no idea where to put the files or what to name them.

The following script can be executed in the context of the source (original) database that was backed up to script out the MOVE statements if your plan is to put the files in the same place on the destination server.


VersionOne Nag: Reminding Us To Burn Our Points

You'll forget - we all do. After a hard day of work, the last thing that pops in to your head is "hey, I should go update this story in VersionOne before I go home." Oh no, the only thing you're thinking about is how bad traffic will be, what you're having for dinner, your trip to Seattle, which bar has the best drink specials tonight, etc. So accepting that we forget to burn points now and then, why don't we just make a script to remind us? While you're at it, might as well add a reminder for when you accidentally close a story without setting the ToDo points to zero.

Luckily, since you obviously use VersionOne (because it's the gold standard), there's an API for that: