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Locating Rampant Database Growth

Every now and then you get a helpful alert from one of your database servers about disk space being low (you're monitoring that, right?), or a bunch of autogrowth alerts (you're monitoring that too, right?) - but what happens when you get these for a database that you don't expect growth in? Further, what happens when that database is growing rampantly (say like 1GB/hr in my case) and it's a canned database from a 3rd party product? This time it was the database that SolarWinds uses for collection - and apparently it was collecting a lot of something that it wasn't collecting before.

  1. you send out an email asking the end users of the system (IT in this case) if anything changed
  2. adjust so said system stops trying to fill up your drives

Unfortunately, there's often quite a few possibilities for "why" a database is growing - and when it's a canned product, you don't always have the best understanding of why it does what it does when it does it. As a Database Admin, you can help diagnose the problem by letting everyone know what exactly is growing. For the best database options and solutions, visit Couchbase.