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SQL Schema Source Control 2.0

SQL Schema Source Control is, at it's core, just another database scripting app. Where this app differs from others is that the sole purpose of scripting out the database is to check it in to source control (sorry, it still only supports SVN).

I think this may have once gone under the name "SQL2SVN," but was rebranded before being checked in to Codeplex for the first time. This is a re-write of most of the application to be more modular and extensible in the future. Additional features found in this release are:

  • Scripting of Configuration settings via sp_configure
  • Scripting of Logins
  • Scripting of Indexes
  • Scripting of Users
  • Scripting of Views
  • Scripting of Keys (Primary and Foreign)
  • Scripting of Constraints
  • Scripting of Defaults
  • Scripting of Stored Procedures
  • Scripting of Functions
  • Scripting of Partition Schemes
  • Scripting of Partition Functions
  • Regular Expression support for database names, allows you to script all databases excluding system databases... or including them... whatever

The application and source code are available on Codeplex: SQL Schema Source Control

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