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Troubleshooting: 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee (ZJ) Doesn’t Start – Cranks, No Fuel, No Spark

This has been one of the most frustrating repairs we have come across. One day the Jeep just plain refused to start anymore. We have had prolonged starting times for a while now where we will let fuel pump prime at least twice before it would start, but it would always start. Nothing really precluded the no start condition, we just turned it off one day and it didn't want to start again. The symptoms don't really point to any particular component (other than the PCM) and without some fancy tools, you'll do exactly what we did - replace the PCM... and it won't fix anything. So we took out our fancy tool, looked up some diagnostic diagrams on alldatadiy.com, and got to work.

A few things to check for right away to see if you're having the same issue we were:

    • Check to see if the fuel pump runs during cranking - ours didn't
    • Check for spark during cranking - we didn't have any
    • Check to see if your check engine light is on (ours WASN'T)
    • Check your voltage and fuel gauges with the ignition on - ours didn't register anything
    • Check to see if your low fuel light is on - our was

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Consuming an Authenticated JSON Feed with SSIS

For this post, we'll look in to one option for consuming a JSON data feed from a service provider's API. In my case, the provider is AtTask - a web based project management service. This sort of assignment/request is pretty common as various corners of your organization simply want to use the best tool for the job. Far too infrequently does anyone really look at things like how it connects to your current systems. They say things like "we have a well documented API and a strong user community" - yeah, I've heard that a few thousand times. JSON is neat if you're using JQuery. It's horrible if you're trying to suck data down in to a SQL Server table. Which is what we're going to do.

First, we wander over to the AtTask API Documentation and figure out how to authenticate. Notice that every request needs a sessionID - and that sessionID is created by a request to the login url. This means we'll have to make at least two requests - one to nab a sessionID and another to actually get the data that we want.

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