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Hanging The TV

One morning as we were eating breakfast, Lindy (my wife) looked over to the other room where we had a TV sitting on a sofa table and commented that it looked "terrible" because of all the wires all over the place. This is basically license to knock down the entire wall and do whatever you like as long as she can't see those wires when you're done. I stopped short of that and just pulled a little part of the wall off.

Here's what it looked like originally (the terrible wires photo):

As I see it - to hide the wires we'll need to put an outlet down by the lower shelf there, one behind the TV, and add low voltage boxes for the signal wires to go through. On the left there's a network cable running along the floor to the router (dunno why, I always hard-wire media devices). That's an easy one since it's one of those fancy new flat cables. I'll just tuck it under the baseboard. Here's the before photo:

And the after photo:

Now on to the heavy lifting. I drew a big 'ol square on the wall (incorrectly once, then correctly) and cut out the piece of drywall:

Then I removed the drywall and found this. Note - there's a backing board in there (1/2" osb strip) - it's there to support the drywall joint... they didn't meet on a stud so they thought that'd be an awesome idea:

Next I ran a coax cable, network cable, and some electrical wire (split off from that outlet) to the cavity i wanted to hang my TV on:

Here's that cavity I wanted the wires in - it's the cavity the "middle" of the wall falls in:

Clearly, to get the TV mount where I wanted I need to make a perfect CAD drawing of my planned installation:

I hung the mount up there with some sheetrock screws to see where the boxes for the low voltage and outlet that will be behind the TV need to go:

And then I installed the two outlets I needed and the low voltage boxes. Here the ones that will be behind the TV have plates on them already (not sure why, apparently I thought that was a good idea at the time):

Now I just had to put a new piece of drywall back in - the piece I cut was roughly 7'x3':

Then I screwed it in and taped it:

I'm terrible at mudding and it ALWAYS takes me at least two coats - I don't recall if this was coat 1 or 2:

Then it was time for primer:

I only ended up putting one coat of paint on - it seemed to look good enough and the only way I'd make it look better would be to paint the entire wall. So I just left it:

I tossed the plates on to make sure I didn't have any ridiculous problems there:

And lastly, nailed the baseboard back on, slid the drywall dust covered sofa table back over, hung the tv, and watched the Matrix. Because that's what you do after you hang a tv on the wall:

Was all that shenanigans worth it? Yep. Looks pretty awesome. And Lindy's happy, so I get to point at the floating TV for a few months to justify my position in the relationship 😉

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