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Currently, I am a Business Intelligence Developer at Trek Bicycle Corporation where I work on a team that develops BI solutions on Microsoft's BI stack (SSAS, SSIS, BIDS, MSSQL, etc). If you're interested in what we do or working with us, shoot me an email at Tim_Laqua@trekbikes.com.

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  1. Hey Tim,

    I am a regular reader of your Blog. I wanted to get some recommendations from you about some Books on BI, and where I should start with. I havent found a lot of resource during my internet research about this. Any training you would recommend?


    • The Data Warehouse Toolkit books are pretty classic – You’d be hard pressed to find BI developers who haven’t read at least one of them. This was my first DW Toolkit book: The Microsoft Data Warehouse Toolkit: With SQL Server 2005 and the Microsoft Business Intelligence Toolset. Of course, I use the Microsoft BI Stack – so if you use another OLAP service, that one isn’t as relevant.

      For online resorces, it’s alot harder to find intro BI stuff than more advanced concepts and discussions. The fundamentals of Data Warehousing and OLAP cubes should be understood in concept more than anything. Everyone does things a little differently. Understand Facts and Dimensions – why you denormalize, snowflake vs. star schemas, different Types of dimensions, etc.

      As far as training goes – I’m not a big fan of most of the programs I’ve seen. I would opt for just getting the Adventure Works samples from Microsoft (and CodePlex), running through some of their tutorials, etc. That makes cubes a little less mystical. Then you need something to build a DW and OLAP Cube for – you can really build it off anything that you want to analyze. Like golf – I always wanted to build a cube based on my golf game. Then use it to figure out why on earth I can’t consistently make that little white ball go where I want it to.

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