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Adding Windows Event Log Logging To Existing SSIS Packages via C#

While working with some SSIS logging, it occured to me that there's really no good way to globally apply the same logging to all packages on your server. For our production SSIS server, it would make sense to log all OnError events to the Application Event log. Then, whatever event log monitoring app you use can notify you of the package error (with details!). Thus, this app was born - an app to remove pre-existing LogProviders and add in the intended LogProvider and options.

This is really just an example of the implementation that worked for my purposes - I'm sure some of you would prefer to log elsewhere. This should be enough to get you going. Please drop a line in the Comments if you post alternative approaches.


SSISForcedLogging.Console.exe "Z:\SSIS Packages"
SSISForcedLogging.Console.Exe "Z:\SSIS Packages\Package1.dtsx"