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Scrolling to and Highlighting Anchor Target via JavaScript

I implemented a SSAS cube action to link to a SharePoint page (URL Action) with the name of the measure contained in the cell the user fired the action from. The theory here is to have a page that contains a list of definitions for all measures (both real and calculated) in the cube. As we were flushing out this implementation, it was suggested that the page should scroll to the specified measure and highlight it in some way. The implementation of this using the CSS :target pseudo class is pretty straightforward - however we're a Microsoft shop and we absolutely have to support Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 8, so that's out.


JavaScript Auto-Suggest from XML

The other day, a co-worker requested an auto-suggest feature in the user name field of a web app that I had written a few months ago. Why? Not sure - to save 6 keystrokes, I suppose - but then again, 6 keystrokes at a time, it becomes justifiable eventually... And really, who can turn down a challenge like that?

    Post-Implementation Numbers:

  • Average Keystrokes saved per day: 179.4
  • Characters in Scripts (Client and Server, no formatting): 4886
  • Payback time: 27.24 Days

Not bad in terms of effort. Even calculating in the difference between developer salary and data entry salary - the payback is still within 3 months. (Assuming we develop in a vacuum and ignore opportunity costs - i.e. we had nothing better to do at the time.)