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Monitoring, Starting, and Stopping Perfmon Performance Counter Logs using VBScript

Performance counters are great - unless they're not running. 😉 So this script illustrates one approach to monitoring the Performance Counter Logs on a given machine, starting them when they stop (for whatever reason) and letting someone know about it.

UPDATE For 2008+ Data Collector Sets: Monitoring and Starting Data Collector Sets with Powershell

I check the registry to determine the current state of a counter log, and use the logman command line utility to start the log when needed. Logman can also tell you the state of the counters, but it's crazy slow. I've been unable to locate a way to do all of this using WMI and the interweb has been less helpful than usual on this issue. So here's my solution:


Changing Server Names in Excel 2007 Embedded Workbook Connections

Ok, so you want to migrate servers, eh? Well - all your business users pry have a couple thousand Pivot Reports lying around that point to the old server. We need to point all references to the old server at the new server.

There are two places these references exist (afaik) - The My Data Sources folder (Windows XP / Excel 2007) which holds all of the odc objects for the logged in user, and the real pain - Embedded data sources in Excel Workbooks.

For the odc objects - you can just loop through the My Data Sources folder files and do a little find/replace action.

For the Excel files - we need to first find all the files, then loop through them and hunt for embedded Connections. Once we find a connection, we can just blindly replace occurrences of the old server name with the new server name. The first thing we need here is a function we can call recursively to go hunt down all the excel files - then we loop through and play with the connections (when found).


Aggregating Seller Feedback from Amazon.com

I received a request from a professor to aggregate all of the feedback for a given Amazon.com seller. The problem is that Amazon.com seller feedback is displayed 25 at a time on the feedback page and, of course, even if we could get all of them on one page, there is NO way we're going to manually move all the records to a database when there are 50,000+ feedback records.

In this post, I will discuss one approach to solving this problem