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WordPress Plugin: oobgolf Widgets

This plugin allows you to display various bits of information and charts from oobgolf.com on your blog. See the sidebar of this site for a demo.

Current widgets:

  • oobgolf Rounds: Displays your recent rounds from oobgolf.com on your blog
  • oobgolf Development: Displays your development chart from oobgolf.com on your blog

To download this plugin, visit the WordPress Plugin Repository at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/oobgolf-widgets/

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  1. Works great, thank you

  2. This is a great widget… Are there any plans to display additional info such as your handicap and average score, etc.? Also a way to rename the widget title like other widgets would be nice.

    Thanks again for the great work!

  3. sure. But honestly, that’s more of a “badge” sort of thing. I’ll email the oobgolf guys and ask if they have plans to develop a badge – if they don’t, i’ll put something together.

  4. Nice widget…this is great for personal blog but what if we have a golf club that has many members. How do we make it so they can go to the site and enter their scores and show your friend’s best scores for the week in the widgets and etc. versus showing only personal scores. It would be great somehow to use the wp userId and seamlessly log into oobgolf. Anyhow…keep up the good work.

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